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HMRC Time To Pay Arrangements To Help Taxpayers

A very welcome concession ...

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Posted by Helen Beaumont on 25/03/2020 @ 8:00AM

Time To Pay (TTP) arrangements extend payment deadlines for taxpayers in financial distress. HMRC has set up a dedicated helpline to support businesses and the self-employed whose finances are affected by Coronavirus ...

If you need Time To Pay due to the Coronavirus having an impact on your business, HMRC can help!

If you need Time To Pay due to the Coronavirus having an impact on your business, HMRC can help!

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TTP arrangements can be applied for by any taxpayer unable to meet a tax payment deadline. HMRC will review each application and, if satisfied as to the taxpayer's circumstances, will agree to terms for an extended deadline, normally collecting regular instalments of tax over the extension period.

"The extension is usually less than one year, and penalties are generally waived if the TTP deadlines are met; interest will probably apply!"

HMRC has set up a dedicated helpline which can be used by any business owner or self-employed individual who has been affected financially by Coronavirus. This aims to support taxpayers through their temporary financial challenges, and TTP arrangements will be offered if appropriate.

The Government has also confirmed that, if a business has administrative difficulties in contacting HMRC or paying tax, late payment penalties and interest will be waived!

I welcome this announcement, as part of a programme of measures to mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19. Many businesses do not have significant cash reserves, and can easily get into difficulties if cashflow is reduced. TTP arrangements can help otherwise viable businesses to survive relatively short term issues, ultimately assisting the economy.

I'd encourage any business or self-employed individual who believes that they may have difficulty paying their next tax bill to contact HMRC as far in advance of the deadline as possible, with estimates of how much time they will need to raise the funds, and what instalments they can realistically pay.

Previously, Time To Pay arrangements have been used to support businesses affected by flooding and the 2008 financial crisis, as well as those with individual issues, so the mechanism is well established.

When will it apply? Immediately!

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