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ERS: What Are Employment Related Securities?

And what actions do I need to take?


Posted by Helen Beaumont on 12/04/2023 @ 8:00AM

Employment-Related Securities (ERS) are a type of financial instrument that can have a significant impact on your limited company. Understanding ERS is essential for business owners in the UK as it represents a company's shares or securities ...

You can consult with your tax adviser to assist you in navigating the ERS process!

You can consult with your tax adviser to assist you in navigating the ERS process!

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These can include shares, options, and other forms of share-based remuneration. ERS are typically issued to employees or directors as part of their compensation package, providing them with an opportunity to benefit from the growth and success of the company.

The value of ERS can vary depending on the company's performance, meaning that the recipient's financial gain is directly linked to the business's success!

One of the key aspects of ERS is its tax implications. ERS can give rise to various tax liabilities for both the employer and the employee, such as income tax, National Insurance contributions, and capital gains tax.

To ensure compliance with tax regulations, limited companies that issue ERS must report the relevant information to HMRC, typically through the submission of an ERS return. This return must be filed annually and must include details of all ERS transactions that took place during the tax year.

You can consult with your tax adviser to assist you in navigating the ERS process. In order to file an ERS return online, you should follow these key steps:

  • Access your company's HMRC Government Gateway account and activate the "PAYE for employers" online service

  • Obtain a valuation of the shares and awards, which may vary depending on your specific circumstances

  • Complete the appropriate HMRC spreadsheet template, ensuring that all relevant information is accurately recorded

In conclusion, understanding ERS and their impact on your limited company is crucial for ensuring compliance with tax regulations and effectively managing your business's finances.

If you require assistance with the ERS process, speak to a tax adviser such as myself.

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