Extension To Time Limit To Notify HMRC Of An Option To Tax

We live in interesting times right now, so it's nice that HMRC has given us a break with the option to tax time limit. If you choose to tax a UK property, you now have a lot more time than usual to deal with all the paperwork ...

HMRC has temporarily extended the usual 30-day time limit to 90-days instead. You now have much longer to notify them from the date the decision to opt was made. Don't forget to notify them though or you'll be in trouble.

"Choosing to take advantage of the extension means making a note in your diary to submit the form!"

This extension will apply to all decisions to 'opt to tax' made between the 15th February 2020 and the 31st May 2020. It does not alter the normal process of opting to tax. Make the decision to opt then notify them of that decision. You have to handle both elements correctly and at the right time.

You notify HMRC of an option to tax using a VAT 1614A form, get it signed by an authorised person and send it to the Option to Tax Unit before the deadline. You can either print, sign and send it in the post or email a scanned copy along with evidence that the form is signed by an authorised person.

"Electronic signatures are not normally accepted!"

However, in this case, COVID-19 means HMRC has temporarily changed the rules. The VAT rules surrounding opting to tax UK property and subsequent transactions are usually very complicated and it's always a great idea to get professional tax advice.

My advice is always to check first, and act second.

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