An Accountant Or A Tax Advisor

Every business owner has an accountant. They are the mainstay of the business world and ensure that your returns to HMRC are penny perfect. But not everyone has a tax advisor, and I think they're missing out ...

Accountants do some great things for business owners; from bookkeeping to payroll, and everything in between, if you want your numbers to be right and ensure HMRC doesn't query your returns then having a good accountant is vital.

"But what about a tax advisor? What do they do?"

There may be occasions when you need to have an accountant and a tax advisor. Yes, many accountants know a lot about tax, but that is just one of many areas that they must cover, and so their depth of knowledge may not reach the same level as that of a tax advisor when it comes to some of the more complex areas of tax.

A tax advisor is someone who qualified as a chartered tax advisor and has many years experience working with businesses and individuals to get their numbers right. However, we then specialise in one thing, and that's about saving our clients money by minimising what they pay to HMRC.

A tax advisor keeps up to date with the latest legislation from the Government as well as researching case studies and legal precedents in cases where HMRC have queried the amounts business owners have paid them.

I am a qualified Chartered Tax Advisor with 20 years’ experience in tax. I like to work with both my clients and, where necessary, their accountants, to understand their current situation, the pain that they have and provide a tax-efficient solution.

However, I am not a miracle worker and sometimes there is no solution other than the path the client is already following. Yet with a little planning, and the correct structure, tax liabilities can often be minimised.

So if you are looking to structure your affairs more tax efficiently both for you and future generations it may be worthwhile talking to a tax advisor.

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